Garment Care

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General garment care


  • Read the care label and follow the instructions it gives you.
  • Use the washing temperature listed on the label.
  • Dry items as stated on the care label. Particularly knitwear.
  • When specified, wipe down faux leather items with a damp cloth only.
  • Wash similar colours together, separate whites, dark & colours.
  • Take your garment to a reputable dry cleaner if the item is marked as dry clean only.



  • Soak coloured garments with white garments.
  • Overload your washing machine.
  • Use too much detergent.
  • Use any detergents containing bleach.
  • Tumble dry any item unless specified on the care label.
  • Hang knitwear after washing, it will stretch out of shape.
  • Take your laundry to your mum’s - take her out to lunch instead.


If you do have any questions or queries please consult your care label (inside every garment) or contact our helpdesk prior to washing -

Viscose Care Guide

Viscose is made from wood pulp, a naturally-occurring, cellulose-based raw material that shrinks by contact with water - Don't panic! After ironing the product will return to its original form. The shrinkage is not permanent.

  • Cold hand wash.
  • Allow to air-dry.
  • Iron on reverse.
  • Iron whilst still damp to gain back the length.
  • Do not tumble dry.
  • Do not bleach.